Why "on error resume next" and "on error goto 0" have to be placed where they are in this sub?



Below is a simple sub to get user selected range - this is an example from John Walkenbach's book.


What I can't understand here is that why in this program, "On error resume next" and "On error goto 0" have to be placed exactly where they are. I tried to place these two statements in different places within the procedure, then I got errors. Please explain your thoughts - think about those early days when you just started to learn VBA did this kind of question bother you as well?


Apologies if this question sounds stupid to you. And, thanks!


Sub GetUserRange()
    Dim UserRange As Range
    Prompt = "Select a range for the random numbers."
    Title = "Select a range"

'   Display the Input Box
    On Error Resume Next
    Set UserRange = Application.InputBox( _
        Prompt:=Prompt, _
        Title:=Title, _
        Default:=ActiveCell.Address, _
        Type:=8) 'Range selection
    On Error GoTo 0

'   Was the Input Box canceled?
    If UserRange Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Canceled."
        UserRange.Formula = "=RAND()"
    End If
End Sub



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The On Error GoTo 0 is the default behaviour when a VBA macro encounters an error. The On Error Resume Next signals the VBA engine skip over an error and continue processing subsequent commands. This is necessary as exiting the InputBox with Cancel will result in the Set command throwing an error and halt the macro without it. After that potential error has been handled, On Error GoTo 0 is specified to restore default error handling.

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