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When I copy and paste cells within an Excel spreadsheet, the text I copied loses any formatting. I’ve also noticed that the Formatting Painter doesn’t work at all.

How can I fix this?



This can be caused by the Skype Click to Call add-on (version that is installed into your browser when you install Skype. Version has been known to cause the following issues:


  • You use Copy in Excel, Word or PowerPoint and it only pastes Text. Formatting is lost.
  • You use Cut in Word or PowerPoint and it only pastes Text. Formatting is lost.
  • You use Cut in Excel and it performs a Copy and Paste as Text. The original information remains and the pasted information loses formatting and formulas.
  • When you use the right click menu to Paste, the Paste options are limited to Text.
  • When you attempt to copy formulas in Excel, Excel only pastes the values.
  • When you attempt to click on the Format Painter button in the Ribbon, it does not work.
  • When you attempt to drag and drop cells within Excel, an error message displays "The Clipboard cannot be emptied. Another program might be using the Clipboard."


Skype has released a new version of the Click to Call add-on that resolves this issue. You can download the newest version by clicking on the following link and then clicking the Download Now button:

Skype Click to Call


For more information, please visit the following KB article:

KB2697462 - Clipboard functionality no longer allows ability to paste formatting in Office Apps

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