Excel indent shortcut ctrl+alt+tab not working

ChrisShea asked on
I cannot get the excel keyboard shortcut "ctrl+alt+tab" to work on windows 7. When I try, the computer acts as if I only pressed "alt-tab" and goes to the win 7 tabs shortcut. Also, the control key works fine for everything else so it is not the keyboard. Any help would be great.
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JoeZee replied on
Easiest way I found is to right-click on the Indent button and Add to Quick Access Toolbar. After that, press the ALT key to see which numeral was assigned to it (order of buttons at the top, so changeable as you please) and my Excel 2013 gave it the ALT-4 shortcut. Now I have at least some super-easy way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to pretty much any button/function in Excel. 
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