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Excel 2010 column chart with two vertical axes with bars that don't overlap

S Saulcy asked on

I'm trying to make a column chart with two vertical axes. I can get the second vertical axis to show but I can't make it so that the bars don't overlap such that they appear next to one another. I tried to use the information from one of the other questions posted, but that's not working the way I expected. Here's what my data look like:


Industry Avg. Weekly Wage % of State AWW
Natural Resources & Mining $1,402 173.7%
Construction $916 113.5%
Manufacturing $997 123.5%
Trade, Transport., & Utilities $700 86.7%
Information $746 92.4%
Financial Activities $848 105.1%
Prof. & Bus. Services $860 106.6%
Education & Health Svcs. $729 90.3%
Leisure & Hospitality $318 39.4%
Other Svcs. $658 81.5%
Government $849 105.2%
Total $807 100.0%


I want industry to appear on the horizontal axis, currency to appear on the left vertical axis, and percent to appear on the right vertical axis. Then I want the bars for the average weekly wage and the % of state average weekly wage to be next to each other rather than overlapping. Any suggestions for making this happen would be greatly appreciated.

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rich007a replied on

All you need to do is plot two more balnk series on your chart.

Right-click > Select data, then Add.

Add the first series:

Series Name: Blank1
Series values: ={0}

Add a second series:

Series Name: Blank2
Series values: ={0}

Move Blank2 to the secondary y axis. 

Use the up/down arrows in the Select Data dialog to set the series order to:

    Avg. Weekly Wage
    % of State AWW

You can then delete the two extra legend entries by clicking once on the legend, then once again on the Blank legend entry, then delete.

Hope that helps.


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