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I deal with long lists of numbers that I need to count distinct values from. Some are numbers only, other text and numbers. 

A function =DISTINCT() where () in a column, row or array would simply return the amount of unique values in that data set. 

Currently, there is no way to do this simply. 

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Non-array versions (Enter only)

in A13:

=SUMPRODUCT( (A2:A11<>"") / COUNTIF(A2:A11;A2:A11&""))

in A14:

=SUMPRODUCT((A2:A11 <> "") * (COUNTIF(A2:A11; A2:A11&"")=1))

Same comment as Bernie: strive not to reference the full column (i.e. A:A) for perf. reasons.

An Excel UserVoice system exists to suggest improvments. There are already a few topics re. COUNT UNIQUE/DISTINCT (feel free to vote) and one is already Planned

Cheers | Lz.

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