Autamatically insert row when data is sorted on another sheet

OK here is my problem... (and I believe VBA is the only way to go)

I'm extracting data from one main sheet to a couple of different sheets. That is already been done by a 'IFERROR' formula.

My next problem is that if I add new client data on the main sheet (at the bottom), and sort it (by name/alphabetically), it adds the new details on the separate sheets but the sorting on those sheets is only done in column B (the name of client). I need it to add l row so that the data I capture on each sheet don't get mixed up...!?!? Only column B is shifted down so data in column C, D, E ... is opposite the wrong name...

If i could explain more in detail: If add "BATMAN" with ID number and sort it on the main sheet... it gets added to the 'Personal Tax' sheet alphabetically. Batman is added after Arista on the ID sheet, but the data (only a 'x') I entered for Bernabe show in the BATMAN row.

I only want to do a "sort data" on the main sheet and all other sheets should be sorted automatically. But the data that's entered on the separate sheet should always stay opposite the correct name... I put a 'x' to mark months/work complete on each client. That 'x' should always stay next to or in the same row as the client name.

Hope this make sense.


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