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I am implementing add-in for PowerPoint 2010 with VS2010. Chart slides must be created in this Add-in automatically. I found that I can implement follow type of chart (PowerPoint chart, MSGraph chart, Excel chart) in PowerPoint. The question is witch type of slides apply to PowerPoint the best?

I have chosen the PowerPoint charts but there is a problem by creating a chart with AddChart function of Shapes object. After creating the chart is started the Excel program. But I don’t need Excel and the next question is: how can I disable the starting excel and insert my data in SorceData for chart.





Hi Steve,

the solution with excel chart and copy past via clipboard works.  This is a part of source code (C#) :

Excel._Workbook oWB;

Excel._Worksheet oSheet;

Excel.Chart oChart;

Excel.Sheets oCheets;

Excel.Range oRange;

Excel._Worksheet oWorkSheet;

Excel.Application oXL;

PowerPoint.Slide objSlide;



Excel.Application oXL =new Excel.Application ();

oXL.Visible =false ;

oWB = (Excel._Workbook )(oXL.Workbooks.Add(Type .Missing));

oSheet = (Excel._Worksheet )oWB.ActiveSheet;


//Add table headers going cell by cell.

oSheet.Cells[1, 1] ="Bezeichnung" ;

oSheet.Cells[1, 2] = "Antwort1" ;

oSheet.Cells[1, 3] ="Antwort2" ;

oSheet.Cells[1,4] ="Antwort3" ;


oSheet.Cells[2, 1] = "Werte" ;

oSheet.Cells[2, 2] ="7" ;

oSheet.Cells[2, 3] ="15" ;

oSheet.Cells[2, 4] ="23" ;


oSheet.Name =“Tabelle1” ;

oWorkSheet = oXL.ActiveSheet;

oRange = oWorkSheet.get_Range("B1" ,"D2" );

oChart = oXL.Charts.Add();

oChart.HasLegend =false ;

oChart.ChartType = Excel.XlChartType .xl3DColumn;

//Here init objSlide


System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard .Clear();


objSlide.Shapes.PasteSpecial(PowerPoint.PpPasteDataType .ppPasteDefault);

System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard .Clear();


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