KB3085515 breaks MS Access 2010 reference

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After installing all updates today, March 8, 2016, MS Access 2010 is no longer able to load all its references when opening a ACCDE or ACCDR file, hence it fails to open.  Opening ACCDB works fine.  Having removed updates one by one, I have found that it is KB3085515 that causes the problem. The only difference in reference versions that I can see is for the VBE7.DLL.  It has updated from to

This error will render anyone that relies on MS Access runtime 2010 with no database since can't not have the VBA reference selected.

How can I get this message to the right people in MS so that they stop this update before it renders several hundred of my UK customers without a system tomorrow?

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HaaPee. replied on

For me the unistalling of the KB did not work unfortunately. But reading the about the update of the VBE7.DLL made me experiment a bit. I searched my machine for all versions of this DLL and found one with version (this was the newest before the update on my machine) Renaming c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\VBA\VBA7\VBE7.DLL to VBE7.OLDDLL and then copying the older version of the DLL to this location solved the problem for me, fortunately. 

Hope this can help others for a quick fix to this issue.


Hans Peter

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Dennis Wi - MSFT replied on

Hi All,

I wanted to provide an update that the Access developers are investigating this issue. You may refer to the Access support team blog for the latest updates.



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Chris.AccDeveloper replied on

I am confirming that we are having the same problem. We tested our accde runtime app after installing the KB3085515 update and we are unable to open the application.

Steps to reproduce error

  1. Open an accde file using the Acccess Runtime BEFORE running the update.
  2. Only installed the KB3085515 update. Unchecked all other updates to make sure it is this one causing the problem.
  3. AFTER installing the update, opened our .accde application, received errors and it failed to open.


  • Uninstall the KB3085515 update

We are going to send an email to all of our clients and ask them to avoid installing this specific update if possible. If they have already installed it then we will have a link to a batch file that will automatically uninstall this update.

Below is code to paste into a new batch file to automatically uninstall this update:

@echo off 
wusa /uninstall /kb:3085515 /quiet /norestart

Here is a link explaining the above code: Link

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