Access 2010 SP1 – You receive random crashes in certain database or when opening the VBA window in those databases after installing Office 2010 SP1

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After installing Office 2010 SP1, you may receive random crashes when opening objects in certain databases and when trying to open the VBA window in those databases.  If you look in the event viewer the crash info may look similar to the following:


Faulting application: msaccess.exe

Version: 14.0.6024.1000

Stamp: 4d83e4fc

faulting module: vbe7.dll


stamp: 4d430aec



UPDATE: Microsoft is aware of the issue and has scheduled a fix to the VBE7.dll in the October 2011 Cumulative Update.  You can workaround the issue by performing the following steps to decompile and recompile the database.


1.      Make a copy / backup of your database.

2.      On the problematic machine decompile the database by running the following from a Run command line:  <path to database file> /decompile ex. C:\test.accdb  /decompile

3.      Close the database.

4.      Open the database again normally.


In addition to this, if you experience the crash please send the error report when prompted to do so after the crash.


2625046 Access 2010 crashes in VBE7.DLL after installing Office 2010 SP1;EN-US;2625046


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Nathan O. - Microsoft Support replied on

Hey Everyone,


It looks like the hotfix for this issue has been released and can be downloaded from the link below:


Description of the Access 2010 hotfix package (Vbe7-x-none.msp): October 25, 2011 -


In addition to this, KB 2625046 which describes this issue will also be updated to point to the fix above.


Best Regards,

Nathan Ost

Microsoft Online Community Support

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Joy_CDD replied on

We are now 2 months since this issue was reported. It is a continual issue for developers.  Can you all at Microsoft gives us some kind of timeframe - are we looking at 3 more months of issues? 2? 4 weeks?  I know it can be hard to tell, but we need SOME kind of timeframe so we can figure out our best options moving forward! 

Just a friendly reminder - we are the guys and gals developing applications on YOUR platform...why are you leaving us in the dark for so long????  We are your partners and advocates!

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