I want to flip text to a mirror image to print on fabric transfer paper.

Susan N. asked on
I am trying to "mirror image" text in Word 2007 so I can print on fabric transfer paper.  HP printer does not have this option, can it be done on a Word document?
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AndrewKeir replied on

This didn't work for me (Word 2010, Win 7, 64 bit) but this does;

Enter Word art text as you wish, then

- select the text you wish to rotate
- the Drawing Tools, Format ribbon will show;

on this ribbon go to Wordart styles and left-click on "text effects"
- this brings up a sub-menu, hover over "3d rotation" and left click on "3D rotation options"
- select "X" and set it to "180"
-left-click "close" to action this on the selected text.

It's just a shame the "flip horizontal' command doesn't work on the text, just the bounding box...
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Somasundaram Pandiaraj replied on

     Mirror image of the content can be obtained using the following steps.
1) Insert a WordArt and type in the content.
2) Now click on the WordArt.
3) Go to the “Format” tab under the contextual menu “WordArt Tools”.
4) Click the “Rotate à Flip Horizontal” option under “Arrange” section.
Check the following link for further details.


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