Equation editor causes crashes in Word 2010/2007

Tovi Levis asked on
I use the Word equation editor (alt + =) quite often and it's a very frustrating experience.

The equation editor causes Word 2007 (and 2010) to crash after writing a couple of pages of equations.
Crashes are not consistent and I can't point to specific actions which cause
them. However, I have noticed that using formulas that contain Summation formats
increase the probability of a crash.

I'm using Word 2007 and a friend told me that it happens to him with Word 2010
Is this a known issue ?
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MauriceRinger replied on

Fantastic answer!!
I've been having exactly the problems you've described and your description of the problem and your solution of opening up the document in draft mode and removing the double soft enters was perfect!
I thought I had lost about a day's worth of work due to a corrupt file, but you've saved me!
Thanks for posting,
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