Q: my ppt 2007 has become very very slow?? plzdo tell me what to do This thread is locked from future replies

i followed instructions of Ganesh but the problem is still there. i have also reinstalled the powerpoint but of no benefi. editing is slow, slide show is slow. working has become too much difficult



Hi Ayesha,


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Office Community and We will be glad to assist you with your concern. I understand that the PowerPoint application is slow when playing presentation or editing the presentations.


I have a couple of questions before we proceed.

1. Does this occur to a specific presentation or even with other presentations?

2. Does this occur even when creating a sample presentation?

3. Are you able to work with other Office applications apart from the PowerPoint?


Let me help with you. As you have already re-installed the Office suite, follow the steps to determine and fix the issue.


Method 1:
Let us change the default printer and check if the issue is fixed. The link below explains how to change the default printer:


Method 2:
If the issue occurs, let us restart the computer in clean boot and verify results. Refer the following article to restart the computer in clean boot:


Note: After you have finished troubleshooting in clean boot, ensure you restart the computer in normal mode.


Method 3:
Run the PowerPoint 2007 diagnostics and verify results. Refer to the following link:


You may also refer to the following link on Tips for improving the performance of your presentation:


I hope the steps provided in the above methods fix the issue. If not, reply and we will be happy to help you.


Thank You

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