Is there a way to control the file naming convention when saving a powerpoint presentation as jpeg files?

I have a rather large PowerPoint 2007 presentation, that I use with Media Manager on our church's  Large Screen TV.  I would like the images as presented on the TV to map to the same numbering as in the presentation.  But I find that this doesn't happen because of the way the media manager sorts file names.  For instance,  when PowerPoint saves a presentation as jpeg files, the slides are named Slide1, Slide2,..., Slide10, Slide11, ... Slide100, Slide102, etc.  Because of the way the Media Manager sorts file names  I get Slide1, Slide10,Slide11, etc.  I really need the slides to be named in the pattern

Slide001,Slide002, etc.   But I don't know if there is any way to tell PowerPoint to do that.


Is there a way to control that file naming convention?

There's no way I know to control this in the GUI. It can be done wth a short macro though:

Something based on this should do it

Sub savemejpg()
Dim osld As Slide
On Error Resume Next
MkDir Environ("USERPROFILE") &  "\Desktop\jpgs\"
For Each osld In ActivePresentation.Slides
osld.Export Environ("USERPROFILE") & _
 "\Desktop\jpgs\Slide" & Format(osld.SlideIndex, "000") & ".jpg", "JPG"
Next osld
End Sub

The jpgs will be on the desktop in a folder named "jpgs"

Don't know how to use this?

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