Textbox Bug (All Excel versions). Setting New Default Font doesn't work when pasting txt. Help please

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Is this a Bug? 
Scenario: When I create a Text Box on a worksheet and the set the default Font toARIAL 16PT.  I then set this as the Default for all Text boxes (by right clicking on the Border of the box).  All is well and any typing in the text box will beArial 16. Great.  

Problem: If I cut/paste any text within the Textbox it defaults back to Excels built in default  Calibra (body 11).

In short, regardless of setting the default to a new font/size, anything copied from within the Box and then pasted back in, will default back toCalibra.  
If however I copied something from eg an email or even a Cell in excel, into the text box, then everyting is fine and will paste in asArial 16.   Why can't I copy and paste data already held in the text box and for it to hold the Arial 16?   Hope that makes sense

Any suggestings would be appreciated as I use text boxes for descriptions in my Invoices and I often copy/paste around the box? 

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