Q: Retain multi-line cells when pasting Word table into Excel

I sometimes have Word 2007 tables that I need to paste into Excel 2007.


Some of the cells have multiple lines (i.e., “paragraphs” in the Word sense). But when I paste into Excel, the multi-line cells are broken into multiple rows in the destination spreadsheet. What I’d like is for the full contents of each table cell to be pasted into a single cell in Excel, with Excel "new line" characters replacing the Word paragraph marks.


How can I copy a Word table to an Excel spreadsheet so that each cell in the original Word table corresponds to a single cell in Excel?





In Word, select the table.

Press Ctrl+H to activate the replace dialog.

Enter ^p in the Find what box.

Enter some text that doesn't occur otherwise in the Replace with box, for example @@@@.

Click Replace All and don't allow it to continue beyond the table.

Close the Replace dialog.

Copy / paste the table into Excel.

Press Ctrl+H to activate the replace dialog.

Enter @@@@ (or whatever you used in Word) in the Find what box.

Press Alt+0010 in the Replace with box.

Click Options >> and make sure that the "Match entire cell contents" check box is clear.

Click Replace All.

You may have to format the cells to wrap text.

Kind regards, HansV

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