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I am currently heading up a project dealing with excel, wherein rows of data must be examined and a decision on whether to keep said data is made and written in the last column of each row. There are about 65000 rows of data.

There are many rows that could be cleared out preemptively, so that was done before any of the other rows were looked at, and those rows were filtered so as to not appear and clutter up space.


There are 2 other people on the project, so I've been simply copying the visible rows in sections and pasting them into new, smaller documents for them to work on. Once they have completed that, they email me back the document and I send them another one.

Here is where the issue occurs. When I attempt to paste the data back into the original filtered list, the rows paste over the hidden rows as well as the visible ones, messing up my data.

Is there any way for me to paste this last column of data onto the visible rows only, either through a Macro or base functionality in excel, or do I have to do this manually 65000 times?


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Select the cells to copy, run this code:


Sub Copy_Filtered_Cells()
    Set from = Selection
    Set too = Application.InputBox("Select range to copy selected cells to", Type:=8)
    For Each Cell In from
        For Each thing In too
            If thing.EntireRow.RowHeight > 0 Then
                Set too = thing.Offset(1).Resize(too.Rows.Count)
                Exit For
            End If
End Sub

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