Q: Macro to update links from file with password protection

I am completely new to Macros but due to some great advice in another post on the forum I am trying to get a macro to update links I have in a workbook that is linked to another excel file sat on a network drive but it has a password protection!

I have recorded the macro opening the 'edit links' and then clicking update values, I add the password for the excel file the links are reading from and stop the macro. When I run the macro afterwards it still comes up asking for the password again?

Any help? 

The overall plan is that I have 36 files around my business and they all read from sections of a 'master' file. The master file must be password protected so everyone can't see the whole master document! This is the closest I have got to getting it to work but I can't get past this password issue when running the macro.

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