Export emails to .csv files retaining Outlook categories and attachments


I was wondering if anyone can help me?

Here's what I'm trying to do.

I'm a recruiter and get many cvs emailed to me daily in outlook.

I use outlook categories to categorise these for easy searching of my inbox.

Note I don't create/use outlook contacts - i.e. i do not use the outlook contacts functionality at all (because I use a separate bespoke recruitment database software that can parse cvs individually).

For the cvs that i dont have time to parse into my recruitment database, I just write notes on the attachments (usually word docc CVs) and save them in the email in my outlook inbox.

I now have thousands of these that i want to import into my recruitment database. Which is the point of my questions.

What I want to do is import hundreds of these in bulk into my non microsoft bespoke recruitment database software. (Which can import from csv in an ideal world, but I could also automatically parse from individual text or word doccs in bulk (but not email unfortunately)


a) can i export emails to a csv with the attachments, so for each email (lets say my recruitment database is actually ms outlook but the contacts part)I can import that email to form a contact record, with the CV document attached, and the outlook categories from the email imported to that contact.

if not...

b) can I export outlook emails to INDIVIDUAL text documents (I know i can do it to one text doc), so I get a word or txt document that has the CV, and the outlook categories from the email listed in the cv.Also it would be good to get the email body text and the from email address in the doc/CV too.
The outlook categories can be in text format within the attachments as i can parse specific words to fields with my database parser.

thats it.
any questions please do feel free to ask.

many thanks indeed.

1) You can export to the msg-format but if your database solution can read that, it probably can import directly from Outlook as well.

2) No, since Outlook cannot read the information within an attachment. The content is opened by an external application; in your case Word.

3) Instead of going via an external format, it probably would be a better solution to extend the capabilities of your database application to also connect to Outlook and directly obtain its information from there.GeniusConnect will allow you to connect Outlook to a database solution and also has attachment support.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]
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Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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