End of Office 2003 Telephone Activation

MY Main PC crashed hard (motherboard) so I reloaded an Older testbed PC, until I get a new PC up and running.
I reloaded up XP and added my Office 2003 Pro, when I tried to Activate the product I needed to use the telephone support. The message for CANADA said that telephone support has ended for this product.
Is this the future of Microsoft, Deactivating the ability to reload older products!!!!! and forcing you to buy new. (I hate Win 8, reminds me of Vista and Millennium)
The only reason I bought the office pack was for Outlook and Power Point, I also purchased Word Perfect at the same time and it still loads, no problem.
I realize Microsoft cannot support it forever ever BUT I cannot even activate it!!!!!!!!!!!! (run it 50 times max).
Is Microsoft trying to drive the world away from their products, looking at the new Wordperfect X6 pro, it looks better for the money. I hated Excel/Access.
Outlook Express is not even in their products any more. Now Win 8 has NO DVD player, who watches DVD's on a computer beside Gamers/Geeks and my mother, my brothers and my sisters, friends etc. We wire our PC's to our huge flat screen TV's and don't need a separate DVD Player. MS should re-evaluate DVD sales numbers, there still there.
I also have some business that wire to a wall mounted flat screen in their office's and meeting rooms and need DVD support for product reviews etc.(you don't post propriety or secure info on a web site or FTP, DVD's are one shot and you can carry them with you).
Linux is also looking good, the learning curve is much smaller than Window 8 and I find that Open Office and Thunderbird/Calendar while not perfect (what is) are a viable option.

My suggestion to Business now is to get your IT guys to evaluate the option of Linux and other non MS products to see if they are viable for your situation.

MGJ Smith
just another unhappy MS Customer.......

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