End of Office 2003 Telephone Activation

MY Main PC crashed hard (motherboard) so I reloaded an Older testbed PC, until I get a new PC up and running.
I reloaded up XP and added my Office 2003 Pro, when I tried to Activate the product I needed to use the telephone support. The message for CANADA said that telephone support has ended for this product.
Is this the future of Microsoft, Deactivating the ability to reload older products!!!!! and forcing you to buy new. (I hate Win 8, reminds me of Vista and Millennium)
The only reason I bought the office pack was for Outlook and Power Point, I also purchased Word Perfect at the same time and it still loads, no problem.
I realize Microsoft cannot support it forever ever BUT I cannot even activate it!!!!!!!!!!!! (run it 50 times max).
Is Microsoft trying to drive the world away from their products, looking at the new Wordperfect X6 pro, it looks better for the money. I hated Excel/Access.
Outlook Express is not even in their products any more. Now Win 8 has NO DVD player, who watches DVD's on a computer beside Gamers/Geeks and my mother, my brothers and my sisters, friends etc. We wire our PC's to our huge flat screen TV's and don't need a separate DVD Player. MS should re-evaluate DVD sales numbers, there still there.
I also have some business that wire to a wall mounted flat screen in their office's and meeting rooms and need DVD support for product reviews etc.(you don't post propriety or secure info on a web site or FTP, DVD's are one shot and you can carry them with you).
Linux is also looking good, the learning curve is much smaller than Window 8 and I find that Open Office and Thunderbird/Calendar while not perfect (what is) are a viable option.

My suggestion to Business now is to get your IT guys to evaluate the option of Linux and other non MS products to see if they are viable for your situation.

MGJ Smith
just another unhappy MS Customer.......


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Did you use phone activation from within Office, or did you phone support?

Within Office, once you have installed you use phone activation and do not respond to any prompts until given the option to speak to a real person

Support for Office 2003 and Winxp ends April, that means no more security updates

Did it using the Activation Wizard inside Office (pop up on start of product, Word/Excel/Access/Outlook etc.),
Select Telephone support:
Step 1 - select Canada
   below the Country selected it states.

I realize XP & O2k3 supports ends this year, but activation too!!!!

Not happy.
Open Office and Wordperfect working fine

There has been nothing been published from MS stating activation is no longer supported for Office 2003

I know the direct number for US, but not Can.

I am having the same issue.  I have called the regular support number for the last three straight days trying to get in touch with someone who is able to activate my MS Office over the telephone.  If you could post the US activation number that would be most amazing.  

US only;

Office  (888) 652-2342

Win (888) 571-2048

Thank you very much for your help!
I, too, called the regular Tech Support person first, only to be told that I needed to have "premium" technical support for $99.  He would not give me the telephone number for activation (which, as you said, no longer appears on the activation screen).  Much thanks to Palcouk for his solution, especially "Do not respond to any prompts until you reach a live human."  The living person at the activation center helped me quite willingly.  I've been working on this problem for several days.  Glad it is finally resolved.
FYI - since you are the only person who seems to know the way to make this work, I'd suggest providing the activation telephone numbers in each post you make.  They have been removed from the 2003 Office activation screen since "Telephone activation is no longer supported".  Even Tech Support would NOT give me the telephone number.  Thanks for all your help and all the money you're saving us - so we don't pay for a $99 premium tech or a new product. 
I've just had this problem and came upon the MS page with a list of world wide activation phone numbers (the one I was after was UK - 0800 018 8354). The process is automated, so no human involvement anymore.  After that I now intend to make an image of my disk (no data copied back yet) with Norton ghost or Acronis, then I don't have to go through this pain again.  The web page is......


Regards, Robert.
Got through to Microsoft support and said that there is no way to activate Office 2003 after Apr. 8, 2014.  Same thing happened to me.  My old PC died (Windows 7) running MS Office Visio 2003 so I tried to reinstall Office Visio 2003 on another Windows 7 machine.  Was OK until the activation

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