Error code 0x801901f4

Hi I have received this error code when downloading videos from the xbox store on my Surface 2. I also received 0x80190193 & 0Xc101a3ee.

This is preventing me from downloaded a purchased TV program.

What do these codes mean?


Hello Digdugdub:


Thank you for posting to the forum regarding the issue you are having downloading videos to your Surface 2.  We certainly understand your concern and desire to get access to your purchased content and hope to help you resolve this.


When someone gets a series of different error messages like this it typically indicates significant issues with the device, network, account or some combination of all three.  I will give you some information I have gathered on these errors and give you some things to try.  I  also have quite a few questions regarding your set-up and your experience that may help us further determine what is happening here.


I will start with error code 0X80190193.  This error is most often related to issues updating a device.  From my research this is typically due to firewalls, Anti-Virus programs or network restrictions.  With that said, these same restrictions could very well lead to issues completing downloads from our marketplace.  The first thing I would suggest you do at this point is to try updating your Surface.  You should be able to do this by opening your charm bar > selecting settings > going to change PC settings >Windows Update/Update and recovery.  If any updates are found to be available, run and install them then reboot the device.  Once the device has fully rebooted, please attempt the download again.  If you have any issues with completing the update, try connecting to a different network, disabling firewall, uninstalling/disabling Antivirus and then trying the download one more time.


The next error I found information on is 0xc101a3ee.  This error most often indicates issues with regional conflicts.  Most cases are with customers that created their account in a country other then where they are currently residing or are simply traveling in other locals.  I would like you to verify a couple settings and provide some details so we can determine if this may be the issue.  First, verify the regional setting of your Xbox account.  You can do this by going to and signing in with the same account you use on the Surface (you can verify this by going to Xbox Video > opening your charms > selecting settings > tapping account > email will be listed here.).  Once you are signed in, select MY ACCOUNT > Payment & billing > billing info.  If you have completed details, the country should be listed below your address.  If your details are incomplete, please complete them here and you should see the country listed during this process.  Once you have verified this the next thing to do is verify the regional setting of your device.  You can do this by going to control panel on your device and selecting clock, language and region.  Select the region option and then verify the location setting of the device.  Please provide us both pieces of information as well as details related to your physical location.


Finally, error code 0x801901f4, this error is one I was not able to find any definitive information on.  Most of what I found indicates issues with the OS or updates and typically related to XP.  With that said I am going to provide you a couple of basic Surface troubleshooting steps.  First, I have seen various download issues end up being related to speaker settings.  One thing you can do is turn off all audio enhancements for your speakers and then try again.  To do this go to your desktop view > tap and hold the speaker icon > select sounds > go to the playback tab and select speakers > tap properties > Enhancements > check the "disable all enhancements" box > Click OK. Once this is done, I suggest you reboot the device and try the download again.  If the issue continues the final thing you may consider is to refresh the OS.


If no progress is made, please provide the following information.

  • What platform was this originally purchased on, Xbox console, Windows 8 PC, This Surface device, the Xbox video website, etc...?
  • Have you attempted to download this content to other platforms?  If you have please detail what devices and the results.  If not, please try this if possible and let us know what app or website you used to download the video.
  • Have you successfully downloaded any videos to this Surface?
  • Please describe in detail when you get each of the listed errors and under what circumstances each occurs. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns we can assist you with.


Mark W.

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