We heard your feedback about Groove not finding local music on PCs. Help us investigate!

We've heard from multiple feedback channels that the Groove app isn't finding all of your local music stored on your PCs despite the app being set to look at the folders which contain your music collection.

If you're experiencing this issue, please chime in here with the following details:

  • OS build and Groove app version
  • Is the issue intermittent or consistent? Has the music ever shown up in Groove?
  • A description of the music which isn't being located (Purchased from our service or elsewhere? Format?)

Many thanks. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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  • Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10240], Groove 3.6.1271.0
  • Consistently slow to find files from a network share. Many of the found MP3s appear as "Unknown album" and "Unknown artist," yet the metadata is on the MP3.
  • Music was acquired elsewhere.
  • Format: MP3

I never noticed missing music before so I thought I would check. I have a 99.98 discover rate, so that's not too bad. Is there a log we can check to see what Groove is doing?

The answer is always PowerShell

We're hunting for folks who aren't seeing local music show up in the app, specifically.

Is your network drive indexed?

Looks like you might have a few files in there that are in an unsupported format? Protected files and FLAC are not supported for streaming for OneDrive. Is it possible that you have a few files like that mixed in?

I have all kinds of miscellaneous debris in that folder, but I did my original search using "kind:=music". I assumed that if Windows 10 thinks a file is music, then Groove should too. I could be wrong there. ¯\(°_o)/¯

The answer is always PowerShell

Windows 10 Pro 10240, Groove 3.6.1271.0

Will not (ever) search music folder (mapped) on Windows Home Server. Obviously running Windows and indexed. Earlier builds occasionally showed files, then lost them. This version never even looks.

There is mainly .mp3 music on this drive but also Zune downloads which are DRM (Zune app has no problem with this, nor does Windows Media Player).

Can I go off topic briefly and ask you directly if Groove is still allowing "cloud match" (it seems to honor items "in collection" which were already matched in Xbox Music) or if the new intent of Groove is to upload the local library to OneDrive? This has been unanswered for some time. Thanks.

Windows 10 Home x64 Insider Preview, build 10532; Groove 3.6.1271.0

The is issue is consistent, I have erased and rebuilt my groove data files several times, all with the same result

The music that isn't being located are wma and mp3 files.  The albums have the correct tags for artist, track, track#, genre, cover art, etc.  However, half of all of my albums/CDs are listed twice, once with tag data, the other with "unknown" as the artist, but tracks are listed.

The albums were purchased from multiple sources or ripped by myself using WMP.  I checked and even albums purchased from Zune and Xbox Music are also part of the "unknown" category.

If the old Zune 4.2 software works with OneDrive I might switch back!  :)


This may be related, but as I reported here, ever since Groove version 3.6.1210.0, it keeps losing my entire album collection, and trying to rebuild it in a never-ending cycle.

This is happening on four PCs, all of which have a Music library (thus also a Groove Watched Folder) held on my Windows Home Server 2011.

The four PCs are:

- OS 10240 and Groove 3.6.1271.0

- OS 10240 and Groove 3.6.1239.0

- OS 10240 and Groove 3.6.1271.0

- OS 10532 and Groove 3.6.1271.0

The issue is consistent. Music shows up in all instances of Groove, but then will be lost randomly (i.e. the PCs lose the music at different times and start the rebuild after an hour or three).

The music collection is a majority of albums ripped from my purchased CDs, about 30 albums purchased from online services (Xbox/Groove, 7Digital), and the rest have been created from home recordings, or are podcast collections, using Media Monkey to add ID3v2 metadata into the tracks and server folders to create the albums.

The majority of the tracks are in MP3 format. Since Windows 10 now also supports FLAC format, the latest tracks are now in that format.

OS: Windows 10 home 64bit build 10240

The issues are consistent (see below)

The music files are mainly CD rips and itunes purchases (groove is not available in my country for whatever reason). Typical issues:

- One song is not recognized from an album. Same album, same encoding, same folder, same id data (checked it in file properties and with mp3tag). One or more random track go to the unknown artist category.  When I look at the track data in groove, it shows unknown album/artist. As if it wouldn't read or wouldn't refresh track data. Most of the times it shows album art, though.

- Album art is missing. Sometimes the track had the album art sometimes not (checked with mp3tag), but even if I add it manually, groove won't recognize/refresh it.

All the problematic tracks work perfectly with itunes or zune software (which I cannot believe you've dropped for groove).

Maybe adding a track info editor would solve the problems.

OS build and Groove app version
  • Is the issue intermittent or consistent? Has the music ever shown up in Groove?
  • A description of the music which isn't being located (Purchased from our service or elsewhere? Format?)
    Windows 10 Home Insider Preview, build 10532
    Groove 3.6.1271.0
    Consistent (updated - see below)
    The below example has never been found in my desktop build of Groove.
    I just ripped a "new" 2-CD set using WMP and ripped it into WMA format.  I then edited the track titles using Foobar.  WMP 12 of course recognizes the 2-CD set as well as the title tack modifications.

    This set happens to be the "Grease 30th Anniversary Edition" and has 36 tacks in total.  However, only 8 of the tracks are seen by Groove Music.   And of those 8, none of them are displaying their track #.
    This was a couple of days ago and I have patiently waited to see if Groovee would discover the additional tacks either from "OneDrive" or "Available Offline" --  Only On This Device isn't an option since my collection does not fit on my nano-pc's limited SSD (no additional internal expansion possible).
    The music was ripped and is being stored on a Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center PC and has the Music Folder set as the default music folder as well as is the sole Music folder in the "Library"  The system shows that 100% of the files were indexed and up to date.  Indexing/caching settings are set appropriately in the Share.
    I even reset the Index on the WMC machine and waited for it to again complete it's indexing of all my files and still an other day later and Groove still does not see the files.
    Update: I just re-opened Groove to see if the 8 found tracks were all from the 2nd CD, 1st CD or both.
    When I did a search it couldn't find the music and then when I backed up to the Album View, the database was compeletly erased -- missing all previous data.
    After a 30 or so seconds, my albums began appearing again and one of the first to be re-added, was the Grease 2 CD Set and I am happy to report that this 2-CD set is now found by Groove Music properly, both CDs, right down to the track numbers.
    There are still nearly 28k files to go, but we will see if Groove still continues to find two copies of each CD -- one listed with Unknown Artist, the other with correct Artist info.
    If I can ever get Groove working as it should, I can then spend my time rescanning my collection and upgrading all my CDs from WMA/2 to WMA/9/10.  But right now my time is being spent trying to get Groove to work and it's playlists to sync between my Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile phone.
  • -John

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