Updates for Groove on iOS and Android released!


These app updates include fixes in sync that require your collection to be rebuilt from scratch. The changes were so significant the database must be rebuilt in order to move forward. This is a one time thing and will only take a minute. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We released a small update for the iOS app on 08/11/2016. Look for version 3.6.60809.


Today we are pleased to announce the availability of updates for the Groove app on iOS and Android devices. We know you’ve been waiting for these updates! Thanks for your patience.

Look for version 3.5.60708 in the Apple App Store and version 3.0.60707 in the Google Store which include:

  • Significant improvements to product and playback reliability.
  • An Explore view to learn about the most popular songs and new releases from top artists.
  • Faster download of albums and songs so you can play them offline. The app still needs to be in the foreground to download music, background download coming in a future update. 
  • Screen resolution improvements to support today’s larger screen mobile phones.
  • New sorting options when viewing your collection of music.
  • Much faster sign-in to the app using your Microsoft account.

We realize having your music with you on all of your devices is important and we’re committed to keeping the Groove app updated more regularly going forward. Thank you for your continued support…and, as always, we look forward to your feedback about these updates. Leave reviews in the store or here in the forums. We’re listening.


The Groove Music Team

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Just was about to switch to Spotify, because of the following reasons.  Are these solved in the new Android app?

1. Possibility to store music on SD card

2. Currently Groove stores music files twice on the device, makes it useless

3. Share playlists

4. Family subscription

Would like to hear the answers to these questions. 

Nice work! Keep it coming but PLEEEEAAASSSSE offer a family plan.

Music to SD card on android.


With Androids messed up approach to memory management, putting the music on the sd card (or the entire app?) is a must.

Oh, and so is family subscriptions!

I still can't search my music library?!

Pity. Seems none of these are addressed. 

I'm going to Spotify.

These are good updates, and it is good that you will be updating the app more frequently.    However i am cautious on how frequently this will be based on the past.

I do have some requests:

  • CarPlay support for iOS
  • Family Subscription
  • My Groove
  • Shared Playlists
  • Playback UI improvements
    • Mark tracks a fav
    • Make a radio station from the track/atrist/album

Plus just overall continuing improvements to the app for responsiveness and performance.

I have doubts that Microsoft wants this to succeed...please prove me wrong

Okay, most of the changes are great and long overdue.  But I am very upset that after update on my iPhone that I will have to redownload all my tracks again.  This took me forever last time, not to mention the data required.  Is this going to happen every time there is an update?  This is ridiculous, your programmers should be able to figure a way to preserve the offline data when there is an update.
I was caught off guard by this as well. Useless app. I switched back to the good ol' google play app. The one thing I did like about Groove is that it gave me the correct album art. It looked really nice, but if I can't play the tracks stored on my SD, then it is no use for me.

This update included so many updates to sync that we had to force the app to rebuild the database with this app update. We had to do something similar on Windows when we deployed similar work there.

Once your collection rebuilds after this update, it will be steady. This is one time thing.

Good to know.  Thank you.

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