Top Request: Navigate music collections by folder in the Groove app

Week after week we hear the request to add the ability to navigate music collections by folder in the Groove app. We're thinking about how to build it the right way and would love more detailed feedback.

How do you organize your collection by folder? A folder per album? A folder per artist? A folder by season?

Once we expose your folder structure in Groove, how do you expect to interact with them? Play buttons on each folder? Should your folders be included in the "Add to" menus?

Tell us your story. We're listening.


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I create folders as if they were playlists, so play buttons on each folder would be ideal. I do it like that because I use a flash drive to listen to music on my car, and it's the simpler way to create something similar to a playlist.

I organize my collection with these folders :

Music > Artist > Album (> CD but it's rare)

Folders FTW.

<HDD>:\ Music \ Artist \ Album

Pretty simple.

Can we expand this to include the ability to modify artist, genre, year info etc. attributes instead of just navigating to an album/artist to play the music? This will improve the quality of the new auto playlists quite a bit since it will be reading more accurate info - I would think it would anyway...
I would use this to be able to "shuffle all" my actual music, by having it in a folder, and having other audio files, such as RiffTrax, recorded lectures, spoken word, etc. in their own folders.

Some day i would like to see this by right clicking on a playlist in Groove, in this way is much easier add songs to a playlist:

Hey. Navigate by folder, when in addition to navigate by tag, helps fix tagging errors. Eg right now I have some compilations, like the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, that simply refuse to show up in the same album. But if you let me "jump to folder", boom there they all would be.

Pair that with ID3 editing and I  could  fix the tags.

Music on my PC is organized by artist first then album.

Play buttons on each artist folder would be great to play random tracks by the same artist without having to stop and switch between albums.  I passively listen to music on my PC at home and anything that would make selecting the music I want to hear effortless would be great.

My music is stored on OneDrive as:

Genre > Artist > Year - Album > (songs on album)

I've used this layout for years, even wrote a desktop app to traverse this folder structure to play the album/song I'm wanting to hear.  I prepend the year to the album folder for sorting purposes.

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