Now playing background missing artist pictures.

When playing an album the now playing background is not being updated with pictures of the artist. Are details available on the lookup process used by Zune to associate an artist with the loading of the background? Which meta-data field in which file is used? Is there a database of values I can query to make sure the correct key is in place in the local metadata?

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User 01:  I, like you, bought the $.99 Lady Gaga album from Amazon (who didn't?).  You need to download and install leetreveil's program "Zune Social Tagger" here:

Download the latest version (it's a brand-new update).  Run the installer and it will default install to your Zune program folder.  You can do this with the Zune software open, but make sure you don't actually have the album opened in the software (click on some other album).  Open the application and press bottom right-hand button that says "Select files manually".  Browse to the folder (Select audio files) where you have the album located on your computer (probably My Music\Amazon MP3\Lady Gaga\Born This Way [+digital booklet].  Go into the folder and select all the tracks (open).  It will come back with "no results".  At this point, go to the search box in upper right and delete "[+digital booklet}" from between "Born This Way" and "Lady Gaga".  Then press the search button.  Select the second album (not the special edition).  Then select "next".  There will be a couple of tracks (7 and 13) that you must fix the title to exactly what it shows on the left (select from drop-down menu).  You do not need to check the box in the bottom left corner "Update album information (artist, title, etc)"  if you don't want it to actually change the information--it will still link.  Lastly, press the "link" button and wait.  In a minute or two your collection should show on the bottom status that it has "found" 14 items.  Do a right click to see if you have the "more about this album" and check in the Marketplace to see if it now says "in collection".  Give it some time, you should then get the bio and pictures on a future sync (usually when you have the "sync complete" note on the device--don't disconnect until it turns into "connected").  Mine linked properly on the first try.  (Sometimes you have to do it more than once).

This is a fantastic tool to link those pesky albums you have that aren't exactly as what's on the Marketplace (but close).  Occasionally, if the Zune software initially links to a completely wrong album (probably even a wrong artist) it doesn't always work; but it almost always works if you don't have it linked to begin with.  However, for the sampler albums (and I assume your ecollection albums) it won't work because there isn't a similar album in the Zune Marketplace.

If I was too specific with the instructions, I apologize, but it can be a little confusing if you're not used to working with the program.  This program has been a god-send for me, I hope it does the job for you.

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