Introducing the new Explore with curated playlists for every mood, activity or genre

For many of us, music is the soundtrack to our lives. It creates the right vibe when we’re celebrating with friends, it sets the tone when we’re trying to focus, and it keeps us energized when we’re working out. Music not only brings us together, it creates the right atmosphere that allows us to be more productive at everything we do. Finding the right music for everything you do can be hard: with over 40 million songs to choose from in Groove, where do you begin? Here at Groove, we’ve listened to your feedback telling us you want more discovery features in the app and we’ve tried to make it a lot easier to find music you love by bringing you access to hundreds of curated playlists, hand-picked by our team of experts. You can browse them by activity, mood, or genre, and can play or save them offline for later when you don’t have a connection available. 

The playlists will be curated by our own Groove editorial team, and by a team of expert providers that will help make sure you always have something to play that’s right at your fingertips no matter what you do or how you're feeling. The feature will be rolling out first to everybody in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France on Windows 10. Tell us you love this feature and we’ll bring it to more devices later this year.

If you don’t have a Music Pass yet and want to try out the feature, we hope you’ll sign up for a free trial today.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

The Groove Music team


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I'm going to use and abuse the Energetic section! Good mixes and pretty nifty feature.

Loving the My Groove, cant see the Explore though :-( ...Please consider Australia  


Love the new Your groove feature which I've already been using as an insider. but the "explore" feature doesn't appear in it's new look with the curated Playlists. my devices are all with region "Germany" - even as an insider I didn't see the new explore feature.

Did you have any idea what could be the reason and how I could change this?

kind regards,


I think it depends on your microsoft account region. I have also several machines (mobile, notebooks) on region "Germany" (I'm from Austria) but the new playlists sections do not appear in the explore section.

Hopefully Microsoft is bringing this new feature to Austria soon. This is the feature I was waiting for. I like it

These curated playlists are probably my most wanted feature for Groove Music!
Hope it does not take so long to be available here in Brazil.

One suggestion:

Add an option to "follow this playlist", even off-line. So when new music be added to that specific playlist everyone that follows it get a notification about the new music added. And, for everyone that choose "available off-line", the News songs should be automatically downloaded to their devices.

Ellen, brace yourself for the "Z Word". Zune had a few curated playlists, too. However, they were nowhere near this good. This feature really makes a subscription a lot more valuable for music discovery or just those of us who don't have the time or inclination to create a custom playlist for casual use. I had XM Radio from the beginning until a few years ago and liked the fact I could listen to a genre curated by a person (since Sirius took over the enormous XM library was pared way down and songs repeat much more often--so again Groove is much better).

I have not found an easy way to "bookmark" one of these playlists---you have a bunch in each category and getting back to "that one I liked" takes a little time and sometimes guesswork. Maybe it's in there already---it's still very new to me.

I also wanted to ask what the little "i" in a circle before a song means in a lot of these playlists. There used to be something like that when a track was no longer available, but these show up (on phone at least) all over until I click the playlist to play, then they all seem to work fine. Just curious.

Really nice job on this, by the way.

Exactly! I'm in Denmark and can't see the explore curated playlists.. I even tried changing all phone language settings to usa but still no luck..

please please bring this to everybody quickly! We have been waiting for this!

Hi Ellen,

please release the "curated playlists"-feature to Austria as soon as possible!

Keep up the good work!

Ellen could you reply with a release date or something  for the curated playlists? It's a pretty important feature for many of us..

and remember we don't need native language playlists or anything, if that's the hold up, it can come later on..

Its usually in the OneDrive cloud. It syncs like that.  Take care

Windows 10 Insider (extremely efficient in all that I do) AKA retrac

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