Insider Preview App update – Groove Music App version 3.6.2386.0/3.6.2397.0

Hello, Windows Insiders! You saw some of these changes to Groove Music in the app update we released to people in the Xbox Preview program earlier this week. Now the same newness plus one additional, long-awaited feature is available on Windows devices (PC, phone, and HoloLens) for people on the Windows Insider Fast ring. Enjoy!

You can now edit the metadata for music saved locally! Right-click on an album or song and choose Edit Info. BAM!

Check out the new focus on genres in Explore. You can now see curated playlists, new releases, best new songs, top albums, and top artists...all by GENRE!! It’s available in US, UK, FR, CA, and DE. We’re so proud of the work we’ve done in Explore we want you all to see it! We made a change so that it’s the first thing you see when you launch the app after this update – don’t worry, it’s a one-time thing and we’ll go back to showing the pivot you last used when you launch the app in the future.

Radio stations show up in Recent Plays in Your Groove. 

You can check out which artists are included in a playlist in Explore more easily now because they are highlighted when you click on a playlist.   

You can give feedback on playlists in Your Groove with a thumbs up or thumbs down. You can also mute specific songs in a Your Groove playlist if you don’t want to hear them anymore. Muted songs will be excluded when you play that playlist later or save a copy to your collection.    

We also introduced landmarks in Groove to reduce tabs when using Narrator. 

Thanks for your support. We look forward to reading your feedback!

The Groove Music Team



[08/18/16] We released an update to this payload to fix the issue that caused Groove Music to randomly play music and the issue that prevented the app from producing audio in some cases. Look for 3.6.2397.0 in the Store for Windows devices - PC, phone, and HoloLens. 

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I have the groove music app on my windows 10 phone.  sometimes when I download songs it puts them in an "unknown album"  and also as an unknown artist.  is there a way to manually type in the correct band name and song name?  Thanks for your help with this.


Great work as always! Thank the team for me!
Why no support Taiwan?
This is AWESOME! I'd like the next step to be the ability to edit metadata on OneDrive. When I used Zune, I would make a Christmas genre for all my Christmas music, and wipe my phone's music completely every Thanksgiving, filling it with carols. I'd love to be able to do that again! ❤
Awesome! I can't wait to have this.

By the way, it's time for you guys to release curated playlists for Brazil too.

Omg omg omg.. Why not in denmark yet?? Please this is my most sought after feature since windows mobile 10!.. You are killing me..

If not in denmark, how do you determine where im from? What can i change to be seen as a UK subscriber? Ip address, account region or phone settings??

can we get that Zunish pink theme added as a "classic" theme of the sort so I don't have to change my entire os to pink? Throw in some Orange.
Any idea bringing lyrics and star-grading to Groove, just like WMP10?
I've installed the update but I'm not seeing the ability to edit meta tags.
I have updated both on Lumia 950xl and surface pro 4 the edit function does not appear. I have also rebooted both machines.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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