Insider Preview App update – Groove Music App version 3.6.2438.0

Hello, Windows Insiders! Another update for Groove Music hit the Windows Insider Fast ring last night for PC, phone, and HoloLens. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Here’s what’s included in this update:

Playlists from Your Groove and Explore now get tracked in the recent plays section.

We updated the app so that it warns you when you're about to add duplicate content to your playlists.

If you have a Groove Music Pass, Cortana will now play music by genre even if your collection doesn't have any music in that genre. Cortana, play ROCK! Cortana will also do a better job when you simply tell her to play music. She'll play music even if you have zero music in your collection. She'll pull from Top Music in that case.

We added a bit more telemetry to the Cortana integration with Groove Music so that we can even better understand when she doesn't deliver on your requests related to music.

We updated the app so that it automatically enters full screen mode on the console.

We updated the Feedback Hub app so that it collects even better information about your collection when you submit feedback about the app.

We updated the way the app looks for music on SD cards so that discovery is more reliable.

We made changes to improve local playback…we heard your feedback on issues here.

Thanks for your ongoing support. We look forward to reading your feedback!

The Groove Music Team



[08/16/16] We decided to press pause on this one briefly to allow us to flight one more update to the last major payload published. Look for 3.6.2396.0 instead.


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Nice work. Looking forward to receiving this update. I've got to say that it is quiet anoying that these announcements come so long before the update is actually available to us.

Anyway, is there a reason we can't edit meta data for songs that are stored on OneDrive. Such an odd limitation.

Groove is definitely getting better, but one thing I really dislike is that there is no way to quickly see which songs and albums are no longer available with Music Pass.  Any chance of getting an "unavailable" filter in the library so that we can more easily fix these types of issues (which generally only requires removing one 'version' of the album and replacing it with another)?

These announcements are meant for those who want to see what's coming in a rich way. If you'd like a more timely view of what's new in each app update, watch the app for the high level summary instead.

To be fair, this one is going to end up being earlier than usual because of a change of plans.

The blocker to allowing you to edit metadata for OneDrive content is a technical one that we're investigating.

We've been thinking a lot about that scenario. We get it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

I'm not complaining about these announcement being as extensive as they are. That's great. My problem is with the fact that we get these announcements saying "it is now available" while it isn't. This happens again and again. So either this update isn't being published, or once again, me and many others are not seeing this update in the Fast Ring and thus something is seriously wrong with the delivery system.

Hi Ellen,

When can we expect this update for release preview members? I have been tearing my hair out trying to make Groove index 60+ GB of music from my SD card. I have the same result every time, Groove stops indexing at around 7,500 songs then refuses to start indexing again, I have even performed a hard reset in order to start from scratch. I do not want to go onto RS2 builds this early in development but would like to be able to access my full library for my holiday.

I also have another problem/irritation. Groove insists on labelling a certain set of songs as being on Onedrive, this happens with the same songs every time I rebuild my library, on PC also. They are not on Onedrive as I deleted all songs from Onedrive when I, naïvely, thought I would be able to access all songs locally. I have attached a couple of screenshots, as you can see the app recognises the local path to the song but still puts a Onedrive label on it. Is this a known issue and is it fixed with this update?

The app has been getting better and better but basic flaws like this are really letting it down, I hope this update fixes some of the issues.


Hi Ellen,

This is a question/suggestion for the Android version, which I know isn't what your post is about, however the feedback hub system doesn't have a place for Android versions either that I can find lol.  

It seems that Groove doesn't have the hooks available for outside programs like Google Maps to lower the volume output of Groove.  I just took a road trip across Texas and it's almost impossible to hear the directions over the stereo as the music never lowers.  Groove crashed on me and apparently the entire collection offline and streaming was unable to play.  Oddly, it works today, but not for a day and a half after crashing.  During the 'will not play anything' I was forced to burn through data on Google Play Music and of course that app lowered the music volume appropriately during directions from Google Maps.

I'd really appreciate it if your team would look into this.  It's rather dangerous to be driving around Houston and have no idea where you're going on the myriad of freeways.  I'm lucky I had a passenger to help.


I got this update today. Now music videos appear to be completely unavailable. Is this a bug or have music videos been removed? Those are a deal breaker for me.
I agree. It's one of the major reasons I enjoy groove. I look for the latest music videos and now I have no way to view them through this platform. I'm not sure why this function would be removed in an update? I will have to consider other subscriptions to fulfill my cravings for watching music videos now.