Insider Preview App update – Groove App version 3.6.2244.0

We just sent an update for Groove on PC, Phone, and HoloLens to the Windows Store. Be on the lookout for version 3.6.2244.0 available for the WIP Fast ring later today. Here’s what’s included:

Introducing Your Groove, the place for music that is centered around you, what you like, and your listening habits. This is where you'll not only find your recently played items, but also brand new automatically curated recommended playlists built just for your taste. They update often to always give you fresh recommendations, but you can save a copy any time to edit, download or just save to listen to later. For more information on this new feature, check out the post here.

For our subscribers, we also updated Explore to include featured playlists curated by our partners. They are grouped by things like moods and activities. Check them out!

We also fixed a bunch of bugs:

o   Files opened in Groove from other applications (e.g. email) now continue playing in the background.

o   The app now skips queuing up unplayable tracks when playing album/artist so your now playing queue is clean and tidy.

o   We fixed the keyboard shortcut to support ESC to exit full screen now playing.

o   We addressed a perf issue when playing a large playlist.

o   We now attempt to recover from situations where playback appears “stuck”.

o   We added even more telemetry around playback as we continue to improve quality.

o   We made some changes to improve the playback reliability for Groove Music Pass content in offline scenarios.

As always, thank you for using Groove. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on Your Groove!

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We added even more telemetry around playback as we continue to improve quality.

I think Windows 10 has too much of telemetry to start with. How about you guys setup proper QA and do really good testing and what not. This whole thing of push it to production as far as possible is just wrong and then rely on telemetry (Windows Insiders) to collect data which was supposed to be done at QA level.

Btw. Zune is better

Because apps like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Music, etc. don't keep track of your listening habbits to provide you with more content that fits your likeings?       

Anyway. Sounds like a great update.I guess this is replacing "Recent plays"?

Good to see increased velocity on this product.

Thanks to the whole team.

because however large the QA setup, it isn't necessarily going to have the setup on your system where your problem occurs

Would love to be able to curate and share playlists publicly. Any chance this will be added? Also, desperately waiting for the ability to sort.


Finally a feature I would use.

However, why can you implement something complex like this, and totally fail to add simple stuff like rating songs / albums, play count, dynamic playlists, CD ripping, multi disc support and device syncing.

I really feel like the groove team has terrible priorities.

Request: could you change the now playing screen to using pan and scan like before?

I think Windows 10 has too much of telemetry to start with. 

Btw. Zune is better

The point of the insider program is QA.   When you beta test, part of the agreement is you get free/prerelease software in exchange for telemetry.  Agreed with Zune still being better after all of these years. 

I have to say that telemetry is not all bad. Some issues just can't be worked out through internal testing. Adding telemetry doesn't mean that it's bad, in fact in this instance, it can be quite good. Take a look at what they're adding, Your Groove automatically generates playlists. They probably added telemetry to track what people do with these, when they save them, what do they remove, what do they add. These metrics will help them to better pick songs that people will like.

Since the features weren't implemented, there was no sort of telemetry targeting that (I assume), so they had to add all new features to track that. Now they probably have some guesses of what people like, but there is nothing like releasing this into the wild and seeing what people actually want. Not everyone will come to the forums and complain or praise the features in what they use. Telemetry allows them to see what works and what doesn't and provide what the majority want.

If you're against telemetry, you can turn it off. If you don't mind, you can help make features better. Chances are that if you're turning telemetry off,  you're going to be on the forums reporting on what you like and don't like and have enough sense to post the relevant data so it's not a loss.

Back to the main point, though, just like how big game companies have betas and still manage to drop the ball with major game releases, there are just things that you never think about or situations can't recreate without a full release or doing it live. The telemetry will help in those instances.

You're a bit late schwa293, zune MKP had all that stuff in 2008.  

I don't know why Microsoft don't use zune MKP  as a case study. I'm sure they have all those bits saved somewhere to make a solid media player for Windows 10.

zune play counts among other great features from back in the day :!Aps-GHazteGYgvk9fNQIuaaswT0ACw

“If you want to escape Armageddon, Read a different Book"

This latest version does not work on my slow ring insider preview, groove opens and closes a second after

So your app is unusable!

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