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how much is a zune pass?

CharlesHuston asked on

I can not find the "cost" anywhere... so when I click to subscribe/more info it wants me to register first. I'm not going to register until I know the cost. Kind of simple, zune sure seems to do everything in reverse.... on that note, does zune not have a quality control/advisory panel?????? they are in sad need of one and there is NO PlACE to submit advice to better the product.

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Rizal B. replied on

On October 3rd, in the US, we will be introducing a new, lower priced version of Zune Music Pass at $9.99 per month. The plan will provide unlimited, on-demand access to more than 14 million songs and tens of thousands of music videos. Unlike the current Zune Music Pass offering, it will not include 10 MP3s to keep each month. In addition, as part of the new $9.99 offering, subscribers will be able to download songs and synchronize them on up to a total of four devices (1 PC + any combination of PC, Zune device and Windows Phone), and continue to enjoy unlimited access to streaming on Xbox 360 and on


Current prices as of 10/30/2011:


1 month - $14.99

3 months - $44.97

12 months - $149.90

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