An update will be available later today for the Groove app on Windows 10 Mobile // Version 3.6.1573.0

A new update will be available later today for the Groove app on Windows 10 Mobile. This release (version 3.6.1573.0) includes the following updates:

  • Songs and albums in your collection now sort by the date you've added them by default. You can still switch to sorting alphabetically (or by artist in the case of albums).
  • You can now swipe from the left to bring up the hamburger menu. It makes it easier to use the app with a single hand!
  • Press-hold to re-order tracks within a playlist.
  • Previously only plays from your collection would appear in Recent Plays - now it also includes things you've played directly from Explore.[Groove Music Pass Required]
  • We now show download progress in the title bar, and also provide an entry point to the download manager from within the left nav menu. This aligns with what the Movies & TV app includes.
  • Tell Cortana to 'Play Electronic' and she will shuffle all your electronic music for you. [where Cortana is supported]
  • In the event that, during an upgrade, we need to rebuild the database (this should be very infrequent), we'll show a little explanatory dialog explaining what's happening.
  • If we detected songs which are duplicated between OneDrive and Music Pass we pop a notification asking if you'd like us to automatically remove them.
  • We reverted the recent change to the font size of the song title in Now Playing. It's smaller now.
  • And for Continuum:
    • We've updated the layout of the artist gallery to have proper spacing, alignment and remove the color-matched square backgrounds.
    • We've added the Explore modules to the Artist Details page at larger resolutions. [Groove Music Pass Required]
    • We've updated the layout of Explore at higher resolutions to look correct, and also respond better to scroll wheel. The modules also have a flipper control to allow scrolling within the page. [Groove Music Pass Required]
    • Updates to the Search results page layouts to look good at higher resolutions.
    • Updates to the layout of the Add to menu at higher resolutions.
    • Updates to the layout of the Recent Plays gallery at higher resolutions.

Please continue making your feedback known in the Windows Feedback app, in store reviews, and elsewhere on the Internet. We’re listening!


Thank you for your continued support,

The Microsoft Groove Team


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So happy to hear about these fixes and features! Keep up the great work! Love the transparency here (the playlist re-order has been a pain point, and I'm stoked to hear it'll be fixed)

Thanks - Swype from left edge to bring hamburger ( love it )

Please now add these two options : 

- Open groove music : and select any of our song in Album, or song list

( Long press on song to 

 :  Set as phone ringtone directly from groove music 

: Send song via bluetooth, nfc, whatsapp, outlook mail 

Thank jebus!
The Continuum updates are exciting. I use Groove in this mode at work all day. Keeps me going. Keep the updates coming! I would love to see full screen now playing in Continuum like PC.

Thanks for the new features. On a side note, how to get the names of missing artists (on the left) like they are visible on Spotify (on the right)?

The new Groove Music and Movies & TV app doesn't work with Continuum....

The app starts, but the right side of layout unusable, it doesn't respond to any interaction.

Lumia 950, 10586.29

  • And for Continuum:
    • We've updated the layout of the artist gallery to have proper spacing, alignment and remove the color-matched square backgrounds.

Hmm, I've always assumed the blurry square backgrounds for artists was a bug since the desktop version displays them as proper circles just like everywhere else in Windows 10. Is there a reason behind this difference in behavior?

Wow, awesome update!

Amazing stuff, it's a wonderful feeling to have a decent music app on my phone once again!

It's strange to think it's been about two years since I last played music regularly on my current phone (kept a WP7 around until I finally ditched Zune desktop in late 2014 and had to go cloud), the experience on WP8.1 was just too much hassle.

I'd still really like a local sync, just how Windows Update will let PCs on the same network share a download so they don't all grab the same update and waste your data allowance it would be good if I could right click on a song/album/artist/playlist in Groove on my PC and share it to my Phone over WiFi (or even good ol' fashioned USB if easier, but less futuristic feeling). Great for syncing songs that aren't in my cloud collection or OneDrive yet.

Other features on my wish list:

- lock screen controls (permanent ones, not the blink-and-you'll-miss-em current implementation)

- Sort by release year

- Ask Cortana to play a song/artist/album/playlist

- A cool Zune-esque lock-screen and live tile animation - the current live tile is serviceable but far too sober.

- Option to buy a playlist. Rather than having to mess around with finding all the individual songs in the store.

- Spotify will share to Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Web and let you share a song/album/playlist and your friends can actually listen to it, not just a 30sec snippet. This needs to work for Groove too.

And to see this universal app finally go to the desktop! The PC app seems to be struggling more and more, especially since I added my local collection...

Anyway, before you go do all that, enjoy a well deserved holiday break, you've made music on Windows 10 mobile not only useable but enjoyable again, and that's plenty for this year. :)

Next year though, oh my do we expect great things! ;)

P.S. Random music aside: Windows 10 is the first version of Windows since Vista that hasn't royally frakked up my music collection. First Windows 7 with lopping 3 seconds off the start of a sizable portion of my MP3s (never fixed that!) and then Windows 8 trying to cloud match everything and messing up meta-data and deleting a bunch of files.

P.P.S. Another bit of a bug: Date added - Zune, Xbox Music, and now Groove should know when I first added a song to my collection (or the Zune desktop app kept track of that at least) the first time, so it's a shame these apps now just use when they were added to this particular device/app instead. Any chance this could get fixed later down the line. It's annoying seeing songs I first added back in 2009 showing up as added to my collection last month.

P.P.P.S. Probably not high on the list but ability to rip and burn CDs too. I don't use CDs but my parents do and since you ditched Zune and they got WP8 they've struggled to get music on their phone from their CDs (and by them, I mean me, since I have to deal with their support calls! Make it easier and parent/grandparent proof please!!!) so this also ties in with the "buy playlist" and "local" syncing features I mentioned earlier. :)

Agreed, I never once thought it was a design choice. If it is, ditch it as soon as possible as it's confusing and looks terrible! Sorry! :/ Either commit to circles for people or don't.

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