An update is available for the Groove app on Windows 10 Mobile / version 3.6.1299.0

A new release is available today for the Groove app on Windows 10 Mobile. Check the Store! This release (version 3.6.1299.0) includes the following:

  • With Groove Music Pass, radio creates instant playlists based on your favorite artists

  • Groove Music Pass lets you explore, search, and play our full music catalog, right in the app

  • Now playing always shows your last-played songs, so it's easier than ever to listen again

  • Improvements to the metadata displayed when using Bluetooth

Please continue making your feedback known in the Windows Feedback app, on UserVoice, in store reviews, and elsewhere on the Internet. We’re listening!


Thank you for your continued support,

The Groove Team

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Loved the new update!!

I'm missing:

- Sort By Genre, Sort By Added Date, Sort By Release Date (pretty important if you have a lot of music), these exist in the Desktop app for months, please bring it;

- I reported a bug months ago and so far none were did about, Groove is adding games sound files to my collection as "Unknown Albun/Artist". This is annoying;

- Missing the "Highlights panel" in the Explore tab. I can see it on Desktop app, in the Store and in the Website;

- In the Artist page, the list should be sorted by release date, not alphabetically;

- Most popular lists (artists, music and álbuns) should have a "play all" and "add" buttons, we can see these in the Website;- Most popular lists (artists, music and álbuns) should also have a "select itens" option, so we can download or by more than one song once;

- The Recomendations section also should come to Mobile;

- More social features (just look to Spotify).

Agreed. I would love to see a social feature as it had in Zune or one like Spotify.

My music collection stopped syncing! It just syncs only one time. Then if I want that groove music app gets the news additions I made from OneDrive, I need to reset my phone!!! This is terrible! Groove Music becomes useless...

I'm in build 10536.1004 and I have just installed this update and nothing resolved.

This issue doesn't occur on Web, PC or Android.

I already wrote a feedback about that.

Luís Otoni
Awesome news ! I've been waiting Radio on Groove for a long time now. Thanks !
Cosmin Tătaru | Windows Insider MVP | Twitter: @cosmintataru | Site (Romanian):
What about Android?  Very few users are on Windows Phone most are on Android, yet it is like a red-headed stepchild.  I thought the "New Microsoft" was supposed to focus more on apps and make them just as appealing on other platforms now?  Please update the Android app and keep it in sync with the same updates you're making on the lesser known platforms.  Apple Music's Fall release on Android is starting to call my name...

Dear Ellen,

Thanks for the update! Always nice to see updates.. although none of them really solves any of my issues.

And by the way.. I don't see this feature:

"Now playing always shows your last-played songs, so it's easier than ever to listen again"

Regarding my issues:

- fix the typo with Amy Macdonald... most of the time written "MacDonald".

- add a way to sort albums in an artist page (currently only sorted by "A to Z")  in both Albums and Songs views.

- fix the subtitle in Songs view of an artist page.. It should display the released year instead of the name of the artist (we already know its name... as it is the title of the page.

- remember the view we prefer for the artist page... it is always the Songs view by default... and if I switch to Albums view, it won't remember and will open the Songs view next time I go to an artist page.

- fix the issue with the shuffle algorithm (it was working fine in Music + Video app in Windows Phone 7, but it is not working properly since the release of Windows Phone 8, not solved with Xbox Music, and not solved with Groove Music in W10).

Here are the details regarding the issue with the shuffle algorithm.

When you shuffle all your songs, you have 2 possibilities: the shuffle button is ON or OFF.

When you want to add a song to the "now playing" list, it should act like that:

- if shuffle button is OFF: add the song to the end of the "now playing" list

- if shuffle button is ON: add the song AFTER the one that is currently playing

No matter if the shuffle button is ON or OFF, currently it reshuffle the "now playing" list every time you add a song. This is a total non sense.. it's not an addition to "now playing" if you reshuffle everything.

Keep doing the great job... but please listen to our feedback. My feedback is not from my experience only, it's from about 50 musicians.. who really use their PC and phone as a big music database... and these are the ONLY BIG issues that prevent most of us to upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10.

We really love the design of Groove Music and we would love to use it... But for that we really need these fixes.

Kind regards,

JérémieP.S.: Of course the typo with Amy Macdonald name is not a big issue ;)

- The BlueWave is on the earth -

dear Luis,

What about storage? If there is not enough storage on the phone, the music collection cannot be updated... so if you have less then 500MB of free spaces, please free up some space.

Syncing is always hard with Xbox Music and Groove Music... I recommend doing this:

- close the app

- reopen the app

- press the "back" button to open multitask

- press the "X" button to close the app

- reopen the app

- wait 1 min

- press the "back" button to open multitask

- click on the app in the multitask to go back to it

- wait 1 min


During this process, the "update collection" process should trigger. There is no way to manually sync the collection... so that's what I do every time I update the collection. I update it every day .. it takes less than 5 min to see the new songs in my collection.

Hope that helps! Keep us tuned in

- The BlueWave is on the earth -

Are you happy with Android? There are lots of people buying Android without being aware it's Android.
Android is pretty bad... totally unsecure.. and pretty ugly.

The Android app has been updated a few days ago (

Other updates will come when available.

- The BlueWave is on the earth -

oh and by the way... I forgot to mention that it was not possible to play by GENRE anymore.

You can sort by genre but not play the whole "rock" genre.

It was very nice to have it in WP7, WP8 and WP8.1.... I will really miss it if it is not in Groove... why has it been removed?

- The BlueWave is on the earth -
I am finding downloading a playlist for offline use really, really, really slow. Like many hours to download 35 tracks. Maybe it is on the server end. I don't seem to have the same issue on a Windows 10 computer.

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