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"Reserved space and content from other computers"

Box94 asked on

Hello, I've recently stumbled across a problem on my zune where it says gigabytes of space was taken up by the quote in this thread's title. It hadn't said that until recently when I plugged it in my friends computer to see if I could play some songs through his speakers but his PC said it didn't recognize the it. I'm fairly sure that was the cause of my problem but now I need to know if there is any way of getting this space back.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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NSILMike replied on
the space isn't gone.   it's in use.  when you plugged into your friend's PC you either linked to it or not.  If you did link to it, your zune content from your PC is guest content when connected to his.  Or if you linked to his, your content is now guest content when connected to your PC.  There are other ways to get your content categorized this way as well, such as setting to manual sync mode.  If you provide more detail, we can figure it out for you.  And recategorizing it back to normal is easy, and not even necessary, as it will still play just fine.
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