Enhancement: Enable Customizable Two-Step Validation for posts to the 'All Company' group on Yammer

Problem:  In my very large organization and others that are similar in size, user posts to 'All Company' are becoming problematic and hindering adoption efforts. Sound familiar to you? 

  • For 2-3 months, we have taken multiple actions/tactics to educate and/or warn users not to post to the 'All Company' group - yet the problem remains persistent. Existing users are frustrated this continues day-by-day - causing distraction, annoyance, and reduced adoption across the organization.

  • As I can read online in a variety of places, small organizations see 'All Company' posts are useful and helpful. The capability should remain. But to serve organizations better when they're also experiencing this problem, I think better options/capabilities would be highly valuable.  The trend (per feedback from other large organization customers) appears to show the larger the organization, and the higher the likelihood that the 'All Company' stream becomes too noisy and risky. It reduces the value proposition of Yammer inside these organizations. There's initial launch excitement internally, but dissatisfaction grows after the "buzz" wears off b/c of the # of distracting & non-relevant posts occur to 'All Company'. 

My proposal:  If 'All Company' posts can't be prevented/locked down more -- I have an idea:  Enable organizations & their Yammer admins to enable/disable a "second-check" step for 'All Company' posts. Let the admin team control the warning message & icon that would appear adjacent to 'Submit' and 'Go back' buttons. This 2nd-check message box give our company the opportunity to give a company-specific message to educate & warn users.

With implementing this solution - Microsoft will have enabled a new feature that Yammer admins will love, general end users will appreciate, and organizations will be finding more value, usage, and less push-back by new users to the workload.


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