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Hi Kim and Luke,

Please use one of these channels to submit your questions:

  • Thank you,

  • Anahita

  • The admin of our Yammer group left the company and we need another admin to edit infos. What should I do? I have trying to get support for this issue for so long time and cannot get a solution for it.



    How can I delete a group create by me from which i left and rejoined?

    After rejoining i can't delete the group anymore.

    Thank you.

    Hi cosmincos,

    To get help with your question, I recommend you follow one of the links in the Contact Us section in the Wiki above. 

    Best wishes,


    Hi Thays,

    Did you try following the options for Yammer Support as listed in the Contact Us section above?



    Dear Sir or Madame,

    is it correct that the support for your Yammer will end in 2018/19?

    Best regards,


    I have posted two separate posts and now they aren't appearing and isn't showing up in the "new conversations" tab. Please help!

    Hi Phil,

    There are no plans to end support for Yammer.   Yammer is an integral part of Office 365 and it is a fully supported product. 

    Best wishes,


    Office Team

    Hi Rchoi,

    I recommend you open a support ticket by choosing one of the options under "Contact Us" in the article above:



    How do I delete a group I no longer want to follow?

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