Q: How do I scan a document into Word 2013 to edit?

I just updated my 10 year old computer system to windows 8. I purchased Word 2013. On occasion I need to scan a document for my business into Word so I can make changes to the document. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?

WHAT PROGRAM DO I NEED TO PURCHASE OR DOWNLOAD? I do not want to use the Adobe that you have to pay a monthly fee to use as I am retired now and I don't need to edit documents very often.

My other HP computer had a picture and document imaging program. I just clicked it on and told it I was scanning a document and it went into Word.

So far Windows 8 is exasperating!

thanks for any info



Helpful-but in the meantime I found the following info from someone on Microsoft Community and cannot find that thread again to thank them for this info--IT Worked! You can scan into OneNote and Edit: scan into OneNote, click on the Insert Tab,click on the Picture Button, In the dialog box, navigate to the place you have the image stored, single click on the file name, click OK to insert, Right click on the image of the file in One Note, select "copy text from Picture", you can now paste and edit the text anywhere.

In 9 easy steps you can now edit!! Not the best but will do until I have time to see what I download for my new HP printer.

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