2016 Office SLOW!!!

iym_246 asked on
Word and Excel are extremely slow to respond. When I am trying to scroll or page down a document, it just sits there for a minute and then flies past the spot I was trying to get to. Yes, I did "enter" a couple times which is why it flew down the page when it did respond. I cannot deal with this lack of response in Word and Excel. I feel like throwing the laptop out the window! It's also like that on the desktop, which by the way, I can barely use now after installing Windows 10. Why oh why did I upgrade to Windows 10? My computers were working fine before this. Better than fine. Now I lose so much productivity waiting for the darn program to respond!! Anyone else having this slow issue? I will always remember from now on, "Free is never really free". I am paying dearly for this upgrade now as I'm sure many of you are.
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