2007 vs latest office

I am still using Office 2007. I never thought to upgrade to newer versions.

Just wakeup to know what's the major difference here. or any disadvantage in coming future for my doc files.

-- kyoo


I agree with Charles, of all the ribbon versions, I still prefer 2010 also.


But, today if you want to upgrade you have 3 options:

  • Office 2019
  • Office 2022(?)
  • Office 365

What do you do with Office? Which applications do you use? Which features?

Since 2007 MS has introduced the "subscription" license model called 365. That is a keep-paying-forever, yearly or monthly, scheme (aka scam).  This is distinct from the "old" one-time-payment license which is called Office 2019.


365 has a number of features that are not part of the one-time payment license. That is how they try to justify the greater medium and long term cost to the user:

  • more applications in the bundle, ie Access, and Publisher and Outlook
  • more "advanced" features in the applications
  • each 365 user gets 1TB of OneDrive space (vs 5GB on a free email account)
  • each 365 user gets 60 minutes of skype time each month
  • each 365 user can have Office installed and active on up to 5 devices, vs only 1 device for one-time payment
  • 365 can be installed on more types of devices: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smartphone, tablets

Here are a MS propaganda page that tells you how much "better" 365 is than 2019



Short form. If you are a single home user with one or two computer who only uses Word, Excel and PowerPoint and are OK with using the Online version of Outlook, a onetime payment license is good for you.

If you are only doing simple files (probably you since you are happy with 2007), one-time payment may be better value.


Actually, shop around, contacting your relatives and friends to find out if anyone has Office 365 Family and has not used all of their 5 allowed "shares" (they can share their 365 Family license). Or find someone who has 365 Personal and is willing to share the cost of upgrading to 365 Family, then sharing with you. 2 people sharing 365 Family is cheaper for each than paying for their own 365 Personal subscriptions. Much cheaper if you use all 5 shares.


And, while you are talking to them, ask them if they have an Office license at work. If they work for a large company that has more than 2000 Office licenses, they qualify for the Home Use Program discount, the HUP.  That allows them to get a 30% discount on Office 365.


Here is a much longer wiki I put together listing the options in Office bundles.

I Need Office, What Should I Get: Pros vs Cons – WIKI – buy Office - “Free” Office – Buy Office

The article got too long for the forum, so I moved it to a Word document and uploaded it to OneDrive. You can view or download it from here:

edit: replaced the link to the article file



Short form, you have several basic options:

. #1 Office Online, free, but not fully functional

. #2 Office 365 Family, "free", if you can get a "share" from someone who has paid, use on up to 5 computers

. #3 Office 2019 Home and Student, buy with US$150 1-time payment, use on 1 computer

. #4 Office 365 Personal, rent / pay-forever US$70/year, 1 user, you can use on up to 5 computers

. #5 Office 365 Family, rent / pay for-ever US$100/year, up to 6 users, each can use on up to 5 computers, works out to as low as $17 each per year

. #6 Non-MS alternatives to Office, not exactly identical, but free or cheap


Unfortunately, "buying" Office has become a big decision tree.


You can take the easy way out and rent Office 365 forever from MS, at full retail price, (whether you really NEED the "extra" features you are paying for) or you can take some time to investigate all of the options to find the best deal for you.


If you meet the right conditions, you really can get Office for FREE or much cheaper than everyone else who is paying the full retail price.

Check out the wiki I go into more detail outlining these options:


You will have to decide for yourself. You can to trade off long term cost and features If your needs are very simple, you won’t need to spend much or work with one of the free options. But if you are a more “advanced” user, using multiple Office applications and sharing documents/files with others you will have to pay for one of the “Microsoft” (Office) 365 / Office 2019 bundles.

2020 07 28- Microsoft 365 is big and getting bigger fast


Microsoft 365 contributed $20 billion in billed revenues to Microsoft's FY'20 total, sources say. And that number, fueled by accelerating E5 SKU growth, is only likely to grow faster.

2020 02 07- CompuClever Free File Viewers (MS Store App)

I just came across this free MS Store app. As well as viewing many file formats, it can edit some, specifically Office application files.


Main Features

Free File Viewers is a totally free application made up of an image viewer, an office editor, a text editor, an audio player, a video player, an unzipper, an eBook reader and a set of useful tools.

Open over 480 file formats
Edit, save, convert, and print files
Batch convert images at lightning speed
Open, edit, and convert camera raw files
Extract files from compressed archives
And a lot more.


I just tried it and you can use it to edit Office files, plus I don’t know which other file formats. It uses a 2003 menu style user interface.

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