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I have a document that has a few tracked changes in it. When I reviewed and tried to accept them, they remained in their tracked appearance. I then tried using the reviewing pane for accepting them, one at a time, but, they continued to look tracked. I used Print Preview thinking it was a screen refresh issue, but no change.

Has anyone else ever run into this and have a fix for it? Facing a customer's deadline, I saved the file with another name and then I was able to accept the changes and have the file revert to a normal appearance. I'm wondering if there is another solution in case my last ditch file>save-as doesn't work in a future scenario. Also, any idea on why Word got "confused"?



I haven't run into any limits like you suggest, and I'm a copy editor who typically makes 20 and more suggestions per page in the medium to large documents I work on.  I have noticed that changes in a table sometimes have to be individually or row-by-row accepted with the formatting marks displayed--sometimes I have to  click accept more than once.  When I  have to do this, I then run open and repair—occasionally, Word finds and repairs an error. I've seen this table revision acceptance problem in W2003&7; I haven't edited that many large documents in W2010 yet, so can't say. 

I've just checked the latest operating parameter limitations  page and don't see a limit for revisions (tracked changes).  There is one for comments though.

Pamelia Caswell

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