Q: 'An unexpected error has occurred' appears every time I go back after following a link within a Word 2007 document

In the last couple of months my Word 2007 has suddenly started coming up with the error message 'An unexpected error has occurred' every time I go back (using the 'back' button) to the original location after following a link within a document. This error does not occur if I open the same documents in a different version of Word. It occrs in every single Word document I open in Word 2007. Before the current problem arose, I never got this error in these documents.



Hey Clendrem, You mean that youre just opening the 2007 docs in word 2010 in compatibility mode…? Or is that the word application itself is running in compatibility mode…?


Firstly open word in safe mode and see if the issue happens in safe mode.

Start-run-type ‘winword /safe’ – hit ok. (don’t give the quotes)

If all is well, then the addins are the culprits. Disable the addins and that should help.


Now if safe mode is not helping…check if word is running in compatibility mode…and if yes, disable it.

right click on the winword.exe

click Properties

in Compatibility tab, under compatibility mode, uncheck the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ , then click Apply & OK.


The location for winword.exe is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14.

For 64bit version of windows, it will be ‘Program Files(x86)’.



Hey Sharon, you can also check for safe mode and if word is running in compatibility mode and if yes, disable it and see if that helps. If you use word 2007 the location for winword.exe will be..

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

Office 2010/2007/Legacy

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Our whole workgroup just started experiencing this same issue.  We've tried the suggested fixes liste in this thread (and in other related threads), but none have worked reliably.  Are there any additional ideas out there?  Thanks!

Since you’re facing this issue across the whole workgroup, it would be best that you post your query in the Word IT Pro forum given below, for better suggestions.

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