Release 15:22 - fix for word documents not saving properly - not fixed

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I had a problem saving and closing already saved documents with word asking me to 'save/save as' as if they were newly created documents.  This seems to happen when documents are open for a while.  The file has become corrupted.

The other issue was when opening a document it would come up with an error that there was not enough space in the start up disk - which is incorrect. Its a new laptop and there is 70% space remaining.

The release 15:22 was meant to fix these problems.  

My questions are - 

1). Does the release fix this bug on documents that were created prior to its installation? I am assuming it was meant to.


2). Has the release simply failed to fix the bug?

3). Should I be doing back ups to an external hard drive if the files are corrupted?

If the release has failed to fix the bug and it is corrupting files this makes office 365 not fit for purpose and dangerous to run - when will the new bug fix be released?  What compensation will MS offer for work documents that becomes lost?  

This bug should be a P1 and a new bug fix released asap.

Thank you.

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