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MikeGarcia5455 asked on

good afternoon,

recently, while migrating users to office 365, those of us logged into skype started getting constant popup notifications in the lower right corner of our screen. looking at my own interface, it appears that a few users have been added to "my group" and i get notifications from them, when they become available, unavailable, go online, go offline, etc. 

looking at the settings for alerts and such, there doesn't appear to be much of any options to choose from to disable these. i can see some good uses for groups in our organization, but people are already starting to complain about these notifications throughout the day. 

is there no way to disable them? choosing untag or ignore seems to do nothing, and really the only notification anyone here cares about is if we receive a new im. here is an example of the popup we most often receive:

appreciate any help i receive.



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AlexSun_2012 replied on

Hi Mike,

To my knowledge, the status alert pops up after we enable "Tag for status change alert" in Skype for Business client. However, we can disable the alert by unselecting "Tag for status change alert" after right-clicking the contact or just click "Untag" in the alert pop-up.

According to your description, the status change alert still pops up after you click the "Untag" button, right? If yes, I'd like to collect some details further investigate this issue.

1.Do you mean the issue affect several users in your organization?
2.Does the alert that pops up on the affected users' Skype for Business client belong to the specific contact(s)?
3.After you click the "Untag" button, check if the "Tag for status change alert" button is unselected.
4.If you unselect the "Tag for status change alert" after right-clicking the contact, does the alert still show up?


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