Q: Skype for Business does not show any emojis after the update for Office 365 was installed


I recently upgraded my office 365 after prompted to do so in outlook, after this was completed I no longer am able to see emojis in my skype for business messages.  I also cannot receive the emojis that are sent to me and just receive a blank message instead.  If I send my coworker two emojis of the same emojis such as (car)(car)  I can see in the sent dialogue box that it is a blank and then the word of the emoji  (car) but never the actual emoji themselves.  I have already checked under ~options/IM/Show emoticons ~in messages and that is already set to on.  I have unselected and re-selected this item and nothing changes.  I have restarted my laptop and this has not helped.  I have also checked that I am up to date in office 365 and it says that there are no items to update _( File/Office Account/Product Information/ Office Updates/Update Now)~  I am running in the Windows 10 environment



Hi Ronan, 

We may open PowerShell then connect to Skyep for Business service to run the command. 

The command "DisableRicherEditCanSetReadOnly" won't influence Skype for Business work properly. 

@Sumit53, this issue is a known issue and related team is working on it, you may wait for the update to access the fix or run the command as a workaround. 

1. Create the following In-band policy and add to the Client Policy.

Steps to create In-band policy:

$a = New-CsClientPolicyEntry -Name “DisableRicherEditCanSetReadOnly” -Value "true"

Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity “Policy Name” -PolicyEntry @{Add=$a}

2. Restart the Skype for Business Client.

Sorry for any inconvenience casued by the issue, your understanding is highly appreciated.



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