Q: Disable Emojis in Skype for Business

Is there any way to make Skype for Business (OS X) stop replacing certain text combos with emojis?  For instance, if I type "jdbc:Oracle:@xyz...", I end up with emojis in place of the ":O" and ":@".

In Lync there was a preference to turn it off, but it's gone now.  I run into this issue daily, mostly with technical stuff. Usually the person on the other end of the chat needs to copy the string, and having emojis prevents them from doing so.  I tried some escapes that I googled, such as {code}, @@ and !!, but they didn't work.



Hi Pxg2112,

There is no such official workaround. You may put space between the character (e.g. “: O”).

Regarding this point, we would truly appreciate your kind understanding. 

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