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I'm having problems with my formula if you don't mind helping.

I want an IIF to show me values based on different %complete &/or start date.

I'm not in work at the minute so don't have the formula I started with.

I would like 

Value '1' if %complete = 100 (work complete)

Value '2'  if start date < today and finish date > today and % complete > 0 (work in progress)

Value '3' if start date < today and finish date > today and % complete = 0 (work not started, should be in progress)

Value '4' if start date  > today and start date < today +14 (work begins within two weeks)

Value '5' if start date > today + 14 (work begins over a fortnight)

Value '6' if finish date < today and % complete <100 (incomplete passed deadline)

Each of these would then result in a different graphical indicator. 

I got a deadline in work and in my haste nominated myself to build this into plan.  Now realised a little more complex than I envisaged.  I'm not used to the formula used in MS project.



Hi David,

using IIF makes things more complicate than using SWITCH:

Switch([% Complete]=100
ProjDateConv([Start],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)<=ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy) And ProjDateConv([Finish],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)>=ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy) And [% Complete]>0
ProjDateConv([Start],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)<=ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy) And ProjDateConv([Finish],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)>=ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy) And [% Complete]=0
ProjDateConv([Start],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)>=ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy) And ProjDateConv([Start],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)<=DateAdd('d',14,ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy))
ProjDateConv([Finish],pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy)<ProjDateConv(Now(),pjDate_mm_dd_yyyy) And [% Complete]<100

I assume you are not interested in time of today, I added ProjDateConv to all Date fields to ignore time. Moreover, I changed some > to >=, ..., you may need to rework this.

The last part "TRUE,7" avoids errors. If none of the previous comparisons is valid, TRUE will be true and give you a 7 - indicationg, that a codition is missing.

Does that help?

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