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Can't find any help on why I am unable to directly double click and open a .pptx file in an Outlook 2010 attachment.  MS PPT opens and gives an error message that " PowerPoint has encountered an error that it cannot resolve.  Please save your presentations, quit and restart PowerPoint." and the error message can't be closed nor the MS PPT program closed (except via the Task Management window.)


Any help on this bug?  There is a go around, which is to save the file and then open it in MS PPT and I am able to view the file in Outlook 2010 email window.  Also, it only occurs for MS PPT, not other MS Office products (at least not Word, Excel.)  I haven't tested them all.


Despite being able to work around this issue, seeing as the point of the double click to open the file is about saving steps, I thought it worth finding a solution or signaling to someone.  By the way, is there anywhere to signal bad updates, since it seems to me that after reformatting my laptop and applying a series of updates,that this may be related to the last update?



Issue is only with PPT attachments????

Try this:

Is the computer connected with a printer????

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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