Q: PowerPoint 2011 Slideshow doesn't work OS X Mavericks

Have updated Office 2011. When I go to slideshow mode, the viewer window comes up for a moment and then goes away. PPT is in slideshow mode, I have the ESC to get back to toolbar, edit, etc. 

Works this way both in dual display and mirroring mode.

11/11/2013 Update.
Latest Office update and no longer have the problem. 

11/16/2013 Update
Incorrect on 11/11. Still having the same problem. It may be a dual monitor problem in Mavericks. When I go into Time Machine, the display goes black. Similar to PPT problem. I have to mirror displays to enter Time Machine. 



I got the same problem... BUT.. the solution is much more easy than I thought: Just update online to the latest version of Microsoft office. Click on Help, check for updates, manually... accept.. next... next... and so on.

Now is running perfectly!


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