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In Outlook 2013, I had added an Exchange mail account using the mail icon in the Control Panel (as per the instructions from Outlook).  Something was incorrectly set up with the account, so I deleted the account and went back into the Control Panel to add it again (with the correct specifications). 

Now when I click on the mail icon in the Control Panel, the dialog box for the Control Panel flashes (likes it's opening or trying to open the mail applet), but nothing happens.  It doesn't open.  I have since de-installed Office and Outlook and re-installed (with multiple restarts), but the same thing happens - the mail applet doesn't open.  And I don't know how to add an Exchange account without using that tool.



Hi everyone,

This issue has been resolved. Please make sure that your Office 2013 Click-to-Run installation is at version 15.0.4841.1001 or later.

To learn more about this issue and how to install the update, see this article.



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