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I archived a series of messages in Outlook 2010, and then moved that archive2012.pst file to a new folder.

Now when I right click on the archive folder and select Data File Properties, I get a message saying:

Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location.
The file C:\Users\...\archive2012.pst cannot be found.

If I expand archive2012, I can see and work with the Inbox and Sent items.

If I go into Account Settings > Data Files, the archive2012 file shows up in
C:\Files\Backup\Outlook\archive2012.pst, which is where I moved the file.

If I try to close archive2012, I get 'An object could not be found'.

I obviously missed some step or did something out of sequence when I moved the file.

How do I fix things so that Outlook can find and display the correct location?




Thanks for your help - it put me on the right track.

Here are the steps I used to fix the problem:

1 Shut down Outlook
2 Opened Mail applet
3 Opened E-Mail Accounts, then Data Files
4 Removed offending entry (removes the pointer, not the actual file)
5 Restarted the Mail applet
6 Opened E-Mail Accounts, then Data Files
7 Added entry and pointed to proper file and location
8 Closed the Mail applet
9 Restarted Outlook

Everything back to normal

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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