Q: Outlook 2016 Preview Excel File Hangs Freezes

My PC is running Windows 10 (Up to Date) and Office 365 (Up to Date).  In the past when I received an email with an Excel file attached, I could preview the file with no issues.  Now, when I preview an Excel file Outlook freezes/hangs once the preview is in view.  Nothing works, so I have to end task and restart Outlook.  Any help would be more than appreciated!

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The Outlook Team is still looking into the issue.  Its been difficult to find root cause.  There are some workarounds earlier in the thread that worked for others.  Below is another possible workaround.  Can you try this and see if it helps?



  1. Select the Windows button, then Settings.
  2. Go to Devices > Mouse & touchpads
  3. Turn off "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them".

You can also change your focus to another app and then come back to Excel again to work around this issue.


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